nCovTrack API Documentation

Currently, the API is under development and some capabilities of it are in the experimental stage including displaying a vaccine tracker map in your website. The plan is to make the API free and easy to use among news outlets and individuals who would like to display a vaccine dashboard in their website. More information to come in the upcoming weeks. Please keep in mind that the docs will be very vague, as I am mostly experimenting with API's at this stage. Of course, if you would like to have early access, please do let me know!


To display a vaccine world map in your website, use the following Iframe code:
<iframe src="" title="W3Schools Free Online Web Tutorials" height='300' width='500'> </iframe>

You may change the width and the hight attibute values depending on your website layout.
If you want to see what version of the API you are using, take a look here!